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Mothers & Babies

McTimoney Chiropractic in Swindon, Highworth & Faringdon

Pregnancy, birth and baby care take a huge toll on the body, and many mothers and babies can benefit from McTimoney chiropractic.

Ensuring that the pelvis and low back are correctly aligned can help reduce discomfort in the later stages of pregnancy, and can help ensure as pleasant a labour as possible.

After the birth, keeping the mother's skeleton in good alignment can make dealing with a demanding infant far more comfortable.

Birth is very hard work for the baby too, sometimes, problems caused by birthing, and the process of adjusting to the outside world can helped by chiropractic.

I am not a paediatric specialist, I prefer to treat children once they have reached school age. If a paediatric specialist is required, please contact the McTimoney Chiropractic Association (contact details in Links) who will be able to direct you.