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Jane Faulkes :: McTimoney Chiropractic

Bsc (chiro) MMCA, GCC Reg 02146

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Patient Satisfaction

I endeavour at all times to provide the best possible service to all my patients. However, if you should feel dissatisfied in any regard with the care you have received, please let me know. If you would prefer not to speak to me, please contact Becky Weir on 07525 002 627 or email her using the following address:

The McTimoney Chiropractor's membership association, the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, are available for an independent opinion on any aspect of your chiropractic care, and can be contacted on 01491 829 211, please ask to speak to Liz Carson as she is the lady who deals with these matters.

The General Chiropractic Council regulate chiropractors in the UK, and if you have an outstanding issue that has not been resolved by either of the above routes, please feel free to contact them, their contact phone number is 0207 713 5155.

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